If you’re like your peers, you may be eager to leave the burdens of homeownership behind as you explore what your retirement journey might look like. We believe that a quality of life that embraces true independence doesn’t have to include the chores of daily living. That’s why we’re introducing you to all of our unique service options:

Our Own Chef!

You will enjoy gourmet meals prepared by our chef Alex, who has provided excellent services in the community for over a decade. Weekly dinner menus are posted in advance and you are encouraged to invite your friends and loved ones.

Laundry & Ironing

Clean and ready!

Our friendly staff of housekeepers provides weekly cleaning and laundry services. They will treat your clothes with the utmost care and return everything to you folded and ironed at the end of the day.


Don’t worry about any maintenance fees, we’ll take care of it!

You will be able to enjoy the best amenities, always clean and in the best condition. Live your dream life.

Internet & Satellite TV.

Surf and Watch!

As fast as it can be! With our fiber optic Internet and Satellite T.V. services you will feel at home. Enjoy your favorite TV shows in English and also enjoy streaming without interruptions.